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A Japan Rail Pass will save you money:
Rail travel is the most convenient and ecomomical way to visit Japan. Train fares in Japan are however very expensive in comparison to those in Europe.
We therefore advise you to purchase a Japan Rail Pass which will save you a considerable amount of money.
For example, the normal return fare from Tokyo to Kyoto amounts to approximately 28.000 yen. For the same price you can purchase a 7 day railpass for unlimited travel on the Japan Railways network and this for a duration of 7 consecutive days.
Types of Japan Rail Passes:
Japan Rail Passes covering the whole of Japan are available for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days unlimited travel on the Japan Railways (JR) network.
The Japan Rail Pass is valid for travel on:
- any JR train service including the high speed (shinkansen) trains with the only
exception of the "Nozomi" and "Mizuho" trains service.
- the "Narita Express" train linking Narita airport to downtown Tokyo.
- the "Tokyo monorail" linking Haneda airport to Hamamatsu-cho on Yamanote line.
- the "Yamanote line" which is one of Tokyo's most important commuter rail lines
connecting most of Tokyo's major stations.
- some local JR busses and the JR Miyajima ferry service.
Japan Rail Pass validated after 1st April 2013 in Japan is no more applicable for JR Highway bus routes.
How, where and who can buy a Japan Rail Pass:
The railpass must be purchased before you leave your home country!
Only few agencies have a license to sell these railpasses and "Fuji Travel" is one of them.
The Japan Railpass is only available to non-Japanese nationals visiting Japan under a "temporary visitor" entry status.
Only Japanese nationals living in a foreign country as a permanent resident or married to a citizen of that country are also eligible for a Japan Rail pass.
How do you turn in your exchange order to receive your JR Pass:
When buying a Japan Rail Pass , you will be given an "Exchange Voucher" which needs to be exchanged for the actual railpass in Japan within 3 months following the date of issue of the voucher.
Vouchers can be exchanged at most of the Japan Railways stations. You will be asked to produce your "exchange voucher" together with your international passport . The information on your voucher should strictly correspond with your passport.
Japan Rail Pass types and prices (in Euro *):
Green (First class)
Ordinary (Second class)
7 days
€ 354
€ 177
€ 265
€ 132
14 days
€ 573
€ 286
€ 422
€ 211
21 days
€ 745
€ 372
€ 540
€ 270
*Prices are adjusted every Wednesday in accordance with the Yen/Euro exchange rate.
Above rates are valid from 08/04/2020 to 14/04/2020
Child discount : 6-11 yrs 50 % - under 6 yrs = free

Japan Rail Pass types and prices (in Euro *):

(price updated on 08/04/2020, exchange rate 1 EUR = 112.00JPY)

[Base fare in Japanese Yen]
Green (First class)
Ordinary (Second class)
7 days
14 days
21 days
How do you order Japan Rail Pass Exchange Voucher
  • Direct Purchase at Fuji Travel office (Recommendable)
  • You can purchase it at Fuji Travel Office till just before your departure to Japan.

    Office OpenMon – Fri 09:00 -18:00 & Sat 10:00 – 13:00
    Closed at Sun, National holiday & Saturday in August
    AddressCh. d’Ixelles 146. B-1050 Ixelles, Brussels. Belgium
    TEL+32-(0)2-502 1313
    Payment methodCash, Bank Contact or Credit Card (3% charge will incur)
  • Advance order by e-mail
  • Please fill-in attached order form

    After we received your order request, we will send you invoice.
    Please arrange your payment by bank transfer. And send back e-mail with payment proof.
    Upon we confirmed your payment, we will send you exchange voucher by Post mail

    Sending Cost: €5.(Belgium, Luxembourg)

Purchasing conditions:
Payment method
- By bank transfer to our account
- By credit card: a 3 % charge will apply to all payments with credit cards.
- Cash or Bank Contact at our agency
Handling fee
A handling fee is charged as follows:
- from 1 to 4 passes : € 15 per pass
- from 5 to 9 passes : € 10 per pass
- from 10 onwards : € 5 per pass
Cancellation fee
An unused Japan Rail Pass is refundable up to 1 year after its issue date.
A penalty of 20 % will however be deducted off the face value of the pass as well as a € 15 penalty per pass.
Useful websites:
-hyperdia.com: this site will help you plan your train travel itinerary in Japan
-TOKYO Monorail:Access inforimation from/to Haneda airport
-japanrailpass.net: for further information about the Japan Rail Pass